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Rachel Shelley Wants a Walkie-Talkie

Actress Rachel Shelley wants to be able to use her iPhone as a “walkie-talkie” since, as she put it, so many of her friends now have an iphone. The speaker button could probably take care of that, but if you want to know which friends are nearby from your smartphone device, Google Latitude will let you do that. Through Google Latitude, you can view your friend’s status and locations. BrightKite is a similar application for iPhone and Android mobile devices. BrightKite allows you to see what your friends are doing, as well as interact and meet with people around you should you choose to reveal your location. Don’t have a phone with an Android OS or an iPhone? No worries, Loopt might have you covered. Loopt allows you to see a map of where your friends are located. Though technically not a walkie-talkie in the traditional sense, these applications will let you instantly communicate with your friends that are nearby.

Source: Flickr user thms.nl



GeekTip: Find Directions For Public Transportation

If you're visiting or are new to a city such as Washington DC, you'll learn very quickly that public transportation is the most efficient method of getting around. You'll also learn very quickly that the subway map is a bit, well, daunting. Luckily, Hopstop.com has you covered. The site currently covers public transportation systems for San Francisco, New York City, Washington DC, Chicago, Boston, Paris, and London to name a few. Not only does it give you the names of all stops between your starting and ending destinations as well as directions to the starting station, but it also gives you the option of choosing to walk more and have less transfers, or have more transfers and walk less. All you do is input a starting address and an ending address, and let HopStop figure out the rest.

Source: Getty


Technology Before Breakfast?

The New York Times recently reported on increased internet and mobile use before and during breakfast in American households. Parents often wake up and check their emails before heading to the breakfast table, and children will often check their text messages and Facebook account before brushing their teeth! Are laptop and phone use before breakfast an inevitable part of an increasingly technologically-oriented world, or is it technology-overload?


That's Hot..

..and by "That's Hot," I mean, the Barbie Digital Fingernail Printer. Seriously. Kids these days have it good in terms of toys. But who said the Barbie Digital Fingernail Printer is reserved for kids only? Set to release later this year, this little machine exudes awesomeness. The user coats their nail with a basecoat, inserts their finger into the printer where a camera projects the image of the nail onto the screen. The user then chooses a design or uploads their own and aligns the design onto the projected image of their nail. Taking about 15 seconds to ink each nail, this machine uses thermal injet technology, and special cosmetic ink. Saving a trip to the manicurist makes this a must-have gadget. Add THIS on your wishlist.


Speaking of cameras, set to ship in September for $150 the Party-shot Dock from Sony will tilt 24 degrees and pan 360 degrees. Although it only works with the Sony Cyber-shot WZ1 and TX1, the Party-shot will automatically detect faces and snap photos. This is one gadget that's definitely a must-have. No longer will you have to worry about losing your camera while entertaining guests. Simply dock it on the Party-shot, and entertain away!


Note to readers: use with discretion. This device could potentially provide some very embarrassing photos.


For geekettes in the market for a television in their room or apartment, look no further. If you can wait until December (possibly longer since it releases in Korea first before a global launch), you’ll have the option of purchasing LG’s OLED TV. At 15-inches, it’s not too small nor too big. Though it may be too expensive. Considering Sony’s OLED television is priced over $2,000 and is four inches smaller, it’s likely that LG’s 15-inch OLED TV will be priced somewhere in that range, if not more. However, OLED is more energy efficient than LCD and LG's OLED TV will likely be as thin as Sony's, which is around 3mm. That’s definitely hot.


Source: Sonystyle.com featured is the Sony 11-inch OLED TV


These Are a Few of My Favorite Gadgets

If there’s one thing in my makeup bag I can’t live without, it’s my eyeliner. Take away all my makeup, but leave my black eyeliner! Likewise, when it comes to technology, feel free to take all my gadgets away (but not without a fight!), just have some mercy and leave my Blackberry Curve, my blender, and my abacus.

Though not a laptop, my Blackberry Curve often works as my secondary computer. Growing up, with an electrical engineer for a father, I’ve always had a computer in the house and access to the Internet from a very young age. This has created a need to always be connected to the world, and to have instant access to information in the palm of my hands. Very rarely will I forget my phone, and when I do, I feel anxious. Some may call the silence and lack of calls, texts, Facebook notifications, blackberry messenger pings, and gchat messages freedom. I call it anxiety. I can’t live without my Blackberry because I’d be lost without it. It’s how I keep track of my life! Too bad there isn’t an application that could pause my life for a second or two so I can breathe!

Being the smoothie junkie that I am, my blender certainly got its money’s worth within days of its purchase. Rather than spending $3 or $4 a day on a smoothie, I make them at home. And considering the current economic conditions, homemade smoothies are fresher, tastier, and cheaper. This is one kitchen gadget I can’t live without. I need my daily smoothie fix. In fact, I’ll sometimes use my Blackberry Curve to look up delicious smoothie recipes, like this delicious basic classic smoothie.

Think the abacus is a throwback to my childhood days? Think again. This fun, ancient gadget is one of my all-time favorites. It epitomizes economic commerce, and is the foundation of modern day calculators. I have a tendency to lose calculators, and I don’t like turning my laptop on for quick calculations. That’s where the abacus steps in. Not only does it look nice in my room, but it reduces my carbon footprint!


Source: Flickr user Ansik

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